When should i move my tree?

Trees can be moved any time of year, however some varieties are best transplanted during the cooler months of spring and fall. Evergreens have the best survival rates when moved in early spring or after the new growth has hardened off in the summer.

Transplanting mature trees

Transplanting or moving large trees from one site to another is a common method to either create space for a new building or prevent loss of a mature tree that has outgrown its present location. Tree spading is also used to alter the design of a landscape and create mature landscapes quickly. It saves labor and planting time and eliminates the possible risk of mower damage that commonly occurs on younger, smaller trees.
Transplanting is stressful for trees. During your free consultation we will also evaluate your trees health and soil discuss the pros and cons of saving an existing tree versus purchasing a new tree from a nursery that might be more suited to your environment.
Reducing water loss as much as possible during transportation is also important and trees should not be moved on really hot and super windy days for this reason. Foliage can be sprayed with an anti-transpirant prior to transplanting to reduce water loss as well.
So wether you wish to enhance your current landscape or need to move or replace and existing tree or you're just starting to create your perfect yard our experienced team will be able to help you. Call us for a free estimate and professional advise today.